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Le coucher du soleil

Cellular elixir for a natural regeneration

The ultimate recovery combo combining red light therapy and hyperbaric oxygen to regenerate every cell in the body 



Photobiomodulation or near infrared light is a part of the sun's light spectrum that allows it to penetrate the body to stimulate mitochondrial energy much like photosynthesis in plants to allow cells to regenerate faster.

The main benefits:

  1. Stimulate collagen to allow the skin to keep its elasticity 

  2. Accelerate tendon repair and reduce joint pain

  3. Improve sleep quality


Price: One session 40€ and a pack of 10 sessions of 30 min at 360€


Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric oxygen technology increases atmospheric pressure like during scuba diving to deliver more oxygen to tissues. 

Thanks to this pressure, the oxygen liquefies and diffuses more easily in the blood and especially in the plasma. 

The main benefits: 

  1. Allow all tissues to regenerate more quickly after physical exertion

  2. Allow better neuronal regeneration and thus improve and preserve neuronal capacities

  3. Increase mitochondrial density and cell vascularization.


Price: One session €70 and a pack of 10 sessions of 60 min at €600



Improves blood circulation and venous return to improve sports recovery or prevent certain conditions such as blood clots or leg varicose veins.

Tarif: 10 séances de 30 min à 240€

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