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Oxygen therapy

The Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber allowsincrease oxygen saturation of red blood cells and blood plasma thanks to an increase in atmospheric pressure (as in scuba diving).

This technology is already proven in hospitals for different pathologies, and is now used to improve performance in all types of individuals, from high-level athletes to individuals seeking to optimize their health.

Main benefits:

  1. Improves mental abilities.

  2. Strengthens the immune system.

  3. Reduces inflammation.

  4. Improves sleep quality.

  5. Increases energy production (ATP).



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Therepressotherapyproposed in our biohacking studio allows you to act on your veins, yourcelluliteand your heavy legs to eliminate toxins and water retention. This actively participates in thedestruction of fat cells static present in the body in order to refine and smooth the treated areas.

Other usage protocols participate in abetter recovery after your workout by activating blood circulation with nutrient-rich blood to allow your muscles to recover faster.

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